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Gilbert Garza | Chiriboga Realty LLC Blog

Tuesday, August 15, 2017   /   by Gilbert Garza

Fairview District Underway in Montrose

The planning of the new Fairview District development has been underway since 2015 and construction began at the beginning of 2017.  If you are in the area you know some big changes are happening with all of the closed off areas, large orange cones everywhere, and just kind of a messy construction zone that is currently unappealing to go through.  It will all be worth it once this entire area is complete.  Sketches of the completed project give us a glimpse of a modern neighborly feel with more restaurants, retail, and exercise spots being brought to the area along with office spaces.  The idea is to emphasize the pedestrian character of the neighborhood but with ample parking. Houstonians may know what City Centre looks and feels like.  This will be something similar but will be a more small intimate urban experience. It will consist of four new buildings with rougly 60,000 square ft. and a five story parking garage.  The parking garagt ...