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Can We Trust Zillow or Trulia for Home Values?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011   /   by George Chiriboga

Can We Trust Zillow or Trulia for Home Values?

By living on the information age there is so much information at our fingertips. Whenever we need to know anything, we just google it, and there it is. It makes us feel good when we become an expert on any subject in Real Estate.

As a professional Houston REALTOR, I am always marveled about the topic of home values as mentioned by my friends and clients. The number one website mentioned is Zillow, and I have to admit it is a wonderful website, and I like it a lot but when it comes to Houston Real Estate values, we need to be cautious about those values.
For instance, if you or friend have recently sold a house in Houston in the last three months and you compare the sales price with the value calculated by Zillow, you will see how accurate or innacurate it was.

Just give your Houston REALTOR a call and ask him or her at what price your friend's house "closed," and you will have a better idea of the accuracy of that information.

Finally, there is absolutely no way that Zillow or Trulia can account for individual homeowner upgrades -or deferred maintenance- or for the marketing expertise of the Houston listing agent that increases or decreases the sales value. But more importantly, these national websites do not have access to the private recorded sales information as recorded by every listing agent inn the Houston MLS at the closing of the sale. And that is true market value.

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